by Cover of Night

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Burning hot and frigid cold. A man's place in the desert is always at the mercy of nature and only with luck, skill and determination can he hope to survive it.

A love letter to the deserts of the American West, "Walkabout" is like the desert itself: chaotic and dangerous but with interludes of tranquility and contemplation.


released July 4, 2016

All instruments and vocals: Andrew Malone

Wind sound effects from Mark DiAngelo and YouTube user Audio Productions.

Album artwork from Brian Azcuenaga

This album was written and partially recorded near Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada and in the Colorado Desert, California.




Cover of Night Littleton, Colorado

One-man atmospheric black metal from The Road, USA.


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Track Name: Red Rocks, Red Blood
Face down in soil
Sandstone to dust
Blood red, rooted juniper
Shade before the heat of the day

Knife and jagged spear
Barefoot upon the Earth
Water sources putrid
Meat of the hare lean
Serpents seek refuge
Track Name: Tempest
Cold chill in the air
Dust devils in the distance
The far off cliffs bathed in smoke

Vision blocked, stinging sand
Maelstrom, searing winds
Choking, gasping, swallowing earth
Feeling for shelter, bloodied feet
Falling, only darkness
Bones ache, skin cracks
Shelter at last
Though the winds still howl, bodies rest
Track Name: Cave:Exit/Starry Night
Peace, calm
Wounds begin to heal and shut
Light of day above
Poking through small apertures
Smooth rock, a cradle carved by rain

Ancient excavation, untouched by man
Faint dripping, a passing stream
Emerge, a calm landscape

Silence of night
Stars as beacons
Ancient warriors, guides

A red sun will rise
Track Name: Heat of the Day
Tattered clothes, broken tools
Nothing left to sweat
The sun weighs on each step
Skin pink from burn

Drifting from reality
Desolate landscape
A fine place to lay my bones
Carrion for the birds
Mirage or oasis, desperate pursuit
Crawling, sinking into dunes

A familiar path, salvation at last
A test completed, a man I have become