The Depths

by Cover of Night

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While most of nature is indifferent, the ocean has always seemed actively malevolent. With millions of souls in her depths, her raw power only permits the most skilled and lucky of sailors to pass. The Depths is a concept album imagining an ill-fated ocean journey taken by a solitary man aboard his boat. From calm seas and blue skies to violent storms and waves, he uses every bit of his determination in a futile attempt to overcome the ocean's haunting power.

The Depths was written and partially recorded on location near Big Sur, California.


released February 8, 2017

All instruments, lyrics, vocals, field recordings, production and artwork by Andrew Malone.




Cover of Night Littleton, Colorado

One-man atmospheric black metal from The Road, USA.

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Track Name: Wind Catches Sail
Wind catches sail
Cloth and wood, ancient propulsion
Days in doldrums, flat glass seas
Ripples make waves, gusts and breeze

Stern to bow
My vessel my home
A prison in storms
I must weather alone

Gods of wind, endless sea
Weeks of journey ahead of me

Millions below, in the depths they lay
The sea keeps all in her watery grave
Into the unknown, from port to berth
Her waters they howl, old as the Earth
Track Name: Open Ocean
Water laps the hull
Sun bathes my face
Through black seas I float
An endless course I trace

Deep blue sky, warm sunshine
Dinner I seek, casting my line
Days and nights of peace and bliss
Of calm and breeze, salty mist
Of closeness to all who journeyed before
Who never arrived onto safer shores

Rock, roll, pitch, ambling along
If it may please, I'll play her a song

Skies to dark, sun flees storm
Indifference to malevolence
Feverish place to draw the lines
Changing sails, running low on time
Beaten by waves, seas groan
Rain and storm, the helm stands alone

Rock, pitch, roll, going overboard
Watery lungs, I can hold on no more
Track Name: Last Squall/Rudderless
No hope of land
Swells as far as I can see
My ship, tattered and torn
Floats away from me

A curse to the sea
Bobbing to and fro
I will join the souls
In the Depths below