Cover of Night

by Cover of Night

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Caleb Bratcher
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Caleb Bratcher An album that does an excellent job at conveying its theme Favorite track: Through Pine and Aspen.
Atmospheric Black Metal Cat
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Atmospheric Black Metal Cat Atlmospheric/ melodic black metal debut with some nice black and roll elements . Very nice production and solid songwriting make this a really strong debut release. Highly recommended. Favorite track: The Heart of the Mountain.
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DeafestChase Excellent Rocky Mountain Black Metal debut from Cover of Night. Really looking forward to what this band has in store for the future.
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A journey of renewal and struggle with the natural world as a backdrop


released December 26, 2015

All vocals and instruments: Andrew Malone
Lyrics: Andrew Friton and Andrew Malone




Cover of Night Littleton, Colorado

One-man atmospheric black metal from The Road, USA.

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Track Name: Foot Onto Path
Foot onto path, my journey begins
Two twisted wooden spires in my mind
They stand intertwined, some strange gravity
Rebirth it must be, to renew is the way

And I will make my way to the arch
And I will make my way to the arch
Track Name: Through Pine and Aspen
Treeline approaches, into their embrace I'm drawn
The branches wave and sing to me
Endless rivers and mountains to cross
Death becomes a reality
Entering the woods now, I'm an intruder
Hesitation weighs my every step

To turn around now is to see only darkness
To turn around now is to see only death
Daylight turns into firelight
The flame flickers a slow and sensual dance
A welcoming glow, casting light upon the trees
Embers rise and fall, I must banish the memories

The snap of a twig, an end to the calm
Opposite the fire I stare, something looms
A shadow? A spectre? My mind?
Do I run or do I accept my fate?
The fire, my protector, draws down
Some evil wind has extinguished it

Closer it comes, I'm thrown to my back
It weighs my chest, breathing joins my struggles
I lie in petrification, unable to escape
I must find inner strength, I must fight
Swing a crooked bough across its form
My menace disappears into the shadow
Track Name: The Heart of the Mountain
Eyes open to a silhouetted landscape
Blue, white, creeps up the dome of sky
The fire now smoldering in ash
As smoke reaches for the lights

I take notice of the silence
My heartbeat audible, palpable
The creak of twisting wood
Reaches out to me from the west

Slowly a blade of light descends
A foreboding path westward revealed
I slowly begin my ascent
Among the jagged crags

Upward I go, bones shattering
Until a scream from below, my familiar menace
My climb hastens, fueled by fear
There's death in these mountains, everywhere

Upward along the narrow stone path
A precarious staircase, static
Night chips away at day
Soon the cliffs will be ingulfed in flame

The shadow moves along
The menace will return
A piercing screech attacking my ears
Upward it climbed, gaining on me
Track Name: The Path Westward
I draw close to the crest
The thinning air burns my lungs
Then I see above the trees
Two wooded giants embracing

It is there I must go
To escape the menace, screaming
Announcing its intentions
I move into the forest once more

Still bathed in light from above
The twisting wood, the tremble
Growing stronger with my proximity
Moving through the verdant growth

The dark mirror of the giants approached
Again the menace drew my attention
The newborn shadows making way
It has finished its ascension
Track Name: The Shadows of Wooden Giants
Quicker I must move into the west
Before them I now stood
Towering, towards each other they lean
Forming a wooden throne between

Compelled, I again move forward
To walk in the shadows, the shadows of wooden giants
Here I will face the menace once more
The dying light of sol, a path darkening below

Screaming, hooting and howling
The menace announces its return
A black gate, veiled in shadow
A negative highlight to the dim wood

Depths of darkness swirling
The presence of the menace surrounds
Reacting to my encroaching step
Shrieks fill the night
Track Name: To the Arch
Violent reactions to voids of fear
Unabated now, in my intent
It is there I must go
It is there I must be

Dark smoke and abyssal sheen
Dancing across the blackest gate
Screams of the menace, now cackles
A shapeless form concentrates

As I stand before
Force meeting each step in kind
Closer to the struggle's apex
Darkness bled from the surrounding wood

Bolstering the obsidian barrier
Determined, still reaching out
I place a hand on its surface
A deadly silence drapes the wood

Shards blanket the forest floor
Long shadows, now calm and still
Rays from the sun from behind the trees
A glimmering path lies ahead of me
Track Name: Reverie